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Distinguish yourself from other entrepreneurs and create professional and unique invoices to impress your customers. Choose a desired template and its color. Upload a company logo and your signature. Simplify the process your customers pay and add a PayPal button to your invoices. Enable online invoices for your customers and let them rate your product or service. Be notified whether or when the customer has opened your account.

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Looking for financial statements templates? We prepared a free profit and loss template for you to download.

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Mandatory disclosures of a modern invoice

Simple invoice templates

1. Clarity of the bill template

Clear and easy template of modern bill contains all necessary information in a clearly visible place. Professionally designed bill is easy to read.

Invoice templates with logo and signature

2. Logo and signature

Your signature assures your client that the invoice was actually created by you and nobody else. A logo makes the bill unique and unmistakable.

Customizable invoice templates

3. Invoice color scheme

Choose your own invoice color and match your company logo on the bill with a uniform and consistent corporate identity.

Use our free invoice templates overview of invoices

4. Overview of sent invoices

Always keep track of whether or when your client has opened the invoice. This information will save you time and money.

Invoice maker online payments

5. Bills paid faster

You can add a button to your invoices which enables clients an immediate payment of your bills via PayPal or credit card.

Customer feedback on your invoices

6. Feedback & Reviews

Keep track of your shipped order directly on your smartphone and receive notifications of your goods’ location.

Professional invoice templates in your phone

Create PDF invoices with one click in the mobile app, email it to your customer or print directly from your mobile device. Use our sample invoice templates, create your own customer list and see payment status or revenue on interactive charts.

Free sample invoice templates with logo and credit card payments

Why your invoice needs to look professional

Invoice templates contain a lot of information. So it is essential that they are designed in a clear and straightforward way. This avoids any confusion for your clients and also gives a better impression of your business as it signals to your clients that you have everything under control.

Think about it from the client’s point of view. You have used two companies to provide similar services. One uses an invoice template which makes you easily see what you’re paying for, how much you have to pay and how to pay it. The other sends you a confusing invoice where you struggle to find the information you need. Of course, you will choose the company that uses a professional invoice template. Because of this, the design of your business invoice template has a direct impact on the success of your business.

This is why a lot of businesses choose to use a high-quality, invoice template designed by a professional company. Read on to the parameters of a good bill template or scroll down to download one to your computer.

What makes a good template for invoices?

The most basic requirement of a simple invoice template is that it is clearly laid out and easy to understand. This is essential from the customer’s point of view, as well as making life simpler for you. You are busy running your business so you need a quick and easy way to produce and send invoices, enabling you to get paid by your clients as quickly as possible.

Your template of invoices also needs to be easily customizable so you can include branding, such as your company logo and graphics. This enables you to create a uniform look on every invoice you send. It makes your business look more professional and also helps to keep you at the front of your clients’ minds as your company logo and colors will instantly make you more recognizable and memorable.

Finally, it helps if your template for invoices is backed up by software that enables you to create and send invoices instantly on any device, no matter where you are. Business doesn’t stop when you leave the office!

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You do not need to spend time going through all the invoice templates available on the internet. We have created a free invoice template that you can edit online or download to your computer. Select your preferred format and start using the template now.

Modern invoice template

Click on the left/above to download this simple yet modern invoice template for free. If you’d like to explore more modern invoice templates in different formats or platforms, make a choice below and start creating your invoices for free.

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Why Use Billdu Invoice Templates?

Professional invoice template with stunning design including credit card payments. Client invoice templates taken to the next level.


Enhance the default e-commerce invoice templates thanks to the integration tools of Billdu for eshop platforms such as OpenCart, Shopify or WooCommerce


Add a Pay Now button to the bill template and get paid up to 9 days sooner by accepting payments from online payment services. Nothing cheers up more than a settled bill!


Billdu mobile apps and online dashboard offer a complete overview of invoices and expenses – have the greatest comfort for operating and monitoring your business.

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Billdu is: 1. User friendly 2. Supportive 3. Easy to integrate 4. The only invoicing app you should consider! Billdu helped me get invoices out when my other invoicing app failed me miserably. I will never make that mistake again!

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