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The best pro forma invoice templates for your business

You do not need to spend time going through all the invoice templates available on the internet. We have created a free pro forma invoice forms that you can easily edit or download to your computer. Select your preferred format and start using the template now.

free pro forma invoice template

Stripe template

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Classic template

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Modern template

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Simple template

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What is pro forma invoice?

Learn more about pro forma invoice and when to use it below:

Pro forma invoice

A pro forma invoice acts as an agreement of “good faith” between seller and buyer. The terms stated such as price, quantity, etc. are negotiable.  It is visibly labeled “proforma invoice” and has no invoice number, which means it is not useful for accounts payable, unlike sales invoices.  However, some choose to follow AP best practices and use a pro forma invoice number.  The invoice should contain all the information a final sales invoice would typically have, thus giving the buyer all the information needed to arrange the purchase from the seller.

Furthermore, it serves as an understanding between the buyer and seller, that each side is committed to the sale/purchase of the required goods or services without any payment at this point.  Sellers can be reassured that the buyer will complete the order and pay once the final sales invoice is issued.  And buyers are protected from any sudden surcharges/overcharging that might be made by the seller.

Pro forma vs regular invoice

While a pro forma invoice represents a preliminary notification of the terms of a purchase agreement, a formal invoice is an official commercial instrument that informs the receiving party of their payment obligations. A formal invoice is usually issued at the time of delivery, and constitutes a request for payment by the receiving party.

Unlike an official invoice, a pro forma invoice is simply used to prevent misunderstandings about the amount due. It is usually issued at the time an order is placed, so that the buyer can clarify any questions about the price or date of delivery.

More pro forma invoice templates

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