Free Excel Invoice Template

Using a a free online excel invoice template can be the best start to creating your own great-looking invoices.

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Free excel invoice templates

Editable Excel Invoice Template from Billdu

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Using Excel Templates to Create Invoices

Excel allows you to create a range of invoices that you can use in your daily business operations. Excel invoice templates are a great way to track what your customers owe you, your payments, and the status of your product and service orders. As a bonus, Excel offers several free templates that come with pre-set fields that you can fill in for each invoice you send out.

Potential Issues with Excel Invoice Templates

However, Excel does have a few minor setbacks. First off, it’s hard to add a table of items if you run out of room from what is on the invoice template. It’s also challenging to calculate your taxes, subtotals, and totals on each invoice because it doesn’t do it for you automatically. This can lead to inconsistencies like over or undercharging your clients, or having unpaid invoices. Billdu can help you change all of this.

Benefits of Using Our Excel Invoice Template

  • Free of charge Excel invoice template

  • Downloadable to your computer

  • Easily customizable in Microsoft Excel

  • Simply save as to create more Excel invoices

  • All the required invoice elements

  • Editable and printable

Download Editable Excel Invoice

Customize Your MS Excel Invoice

You can easily add your company logo, business name, address, phone number, email address, the customer’s name, address, phone, and email, and more to your Excel invoice template. You can split the invoice to and ship to addresses in different fields, enter an item description, quantity, and price, and the invoice total goes along the bottom. It has everything you need to create a professional-grade invoice. Then you can download it, print, it, and send the invoice to your customers or email it.
Your Free Excel Invoice Template

Billdu Offers Free Invoice Templates

Unlike Excel invoice templates, Billdu’s templates are slightly more flexible and easier to handle. We currently have a few available in different styles that allow you to personalize your choice to your business aesthetic. They all look highly professional and have a user-friendly design. Additionally, they’ll automatically generate a subtotal and total for you on all of your invoices to help you avoid accounting mistakes.

Our free invoice templates give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re getting a quality product that you can use both internally and externally to track your expenses. You can create reference numbers for each invoice for tracking purposes. And, you can tailor each invoice to fit your business.

Additionally, we have an invoice generator available that can reduce the time you spend manually filling in all of your information, adding up tax, and coming to a total. Our free invoice generator is very user-friendly, and it guides you step-by-step through the process of filling it out. All you have to do is insert some inputs and generate the invoice.

Also, consider our complete online invoicing platform which will give you additional features supporting your small business.

Billdu Invoice Template Fields

  • Logo
  • Business details
  • Customer details
  • Invoice number
  • Issue date
  • Due date
  • Reference number
  • Payment method
  • Introduction/salutation
  • Item name, quantity, price
  • Notes
  • Bank details (where relevant)

Once you get everything in the generator, it’ll produce a beautiful invoice that’s ready to download for you to print or email to your customers.

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Billdu invoice maker 5 star reviews

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Start invoicing with Billdu

A better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your accountant. Swap Excel invoices with Billdu.

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