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Free Google Docs Invoice Templates

Using a free Google Docs invoice template or a Google Sheets invoice template can be a great start to online invoicing but why not try Billdu invoicing for free first?

Sign up for a free, 30 day trial of Billdu invoice maker to start generating professional invoices. Or download one of our free invoice templates for Google Docs & Google Sheets below and create your invoices manually.

Our Google Docs Invoice Templates

Get our free invoice templates for Google Docs or use our free Invoice Generator

Using the Power of Google Docs or Google Sheets

Google Docs is a powerful, free tool for people to use to create free invoices. There are several free Google Docs invoice templates available, and they all have a user-friendly design attached to them. You can download and customize these invoices as a word file from Google Docs or as a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. If you want the one that is easier for you to customize, we suggest using the spreadsheet option because they already have the functions built-in. All you have to do is fill them in with your relevant information.

Create invoices using the Google Docs invoice templates
Customize Google Docs invoice template

Make a Copy to Customize the Google Docs Invoice

Once you locate the free invoice templates for Google Docs on the right side (desktop) or below (mobile), you can click on one to download it. Downloading this template will take you to Google Drive. When you land in Google Drive, you have to find your template by searching through the menu. Click on the “Make a Copy” button.

This will give you a copy of the invoice template that you can now customize how you see fit. For example, adjust your GST/VAT level according to the legislation of the country where your business resides. Have a look at our UK invoice template , Australian invoice template or New Zealand invoice template. When you put your relevant information in, it’ll automatically calculate the total with tax, and you get all of the necessary invoice elements in it. That’s how easy it is to use our free templates for Google Docs!

Why Our Google Docs & Google Sheets Free Invoice Template

  • 2x Free of charge invoice template for Google Docs

  • 2x Free of charge invoice template for Google Docs

  • Easily customizable

  • All the required invoice elements

  • Editable and printable invoices

Benefits of free Google Invoice templates from Billdu
Instructions to make a copy of the Google Docs invoice template

Choose One of Our Google Docs and Google Sheets Invoice Templates

Just click and the invoice template opens in a new window for you. You can make a copy and start editing the invoice straight up.

Elements of the Free Invoice Template for Google Docs & Sheets

To create your invoice using the provided invoice template for Google Docs or Google Sheets, simply fill out the information below & print the invoice:

Google docs invoice generator
  • Invoice number – the first item in our free invoice template for Google Docs – just enter a number, e.g. 2021001 if it’s your first invoice generated in 2021

  • Your details – insert your business name, your address, city, zip/postcode, country, email and phone. If you do not want to state any of this information contained in the template for Google Docs, simply delete it

  • Customer details – similarly, fill out the customer details so that the template contains real customer data

  • Issue date and due date – simply when the invoice is created and when would you like to be paid (e.g. 7 or 14 days from the issue date)

  • Reference/order number – is you are using orders and the customer accepted one, the invoice template

  • for Google Docs enables you to insert the number here List of items – list of products or services you provided to your customer, along with their name, quantity, unit price, unit (e.g. piece, hour etc.) and the final amount for the number of items provided

  • There is some space for notes in the invoice template for Google Docs

  • Finally, fill out your bank details and you are ready to go!

Alternatives to the Google Docs Free Invoice Template

Although they are nice in a pinch, Google Docs invoice templates are very generalized. And, they have limitations on what you can and can’t add to them. Luckily for you, there are alternatives that allow you to customize them a bit more to suit your wants and needs. Billdu is a great alternative to a Google Docs invoice template.

Since you send these invoices straight to your customers, they are a direct representation of your business. A Google Docs invoice template may work for an odd one-off use or if you want to use them internally. But they don’t have a professional and polished enough look for long-term use. You don’t want to put out a lackluster design because this can throw your business in a negative light. This is where Google’s templates fall short. Also, it can be very time-consuming to manually enter and send out dozens of invoices each month.

We recommend using Billdu’s invoice generator. Our generator works as an excellent alternative to Google Docs invoice templates. It gives you so much more flexibility when you start to create your invoices.

We offer several professional layout examples, and each one is fully customizable. You can update the colors and logo to match your business. And, it saves both items and clients automatically when you create an invoice. If you need to bill the client again, all you’ll have to do is click on their name and everything will automatically populate for you.

You can give each invoice a reference number to help you avoid costly mistakes and get ready for your yearly taxes. The generator also gives you the flexibility to have in-person and online credit card processing to speed up the payment process.

If you’re not too sure about the invoice generator, you can try out our selection of invoice templates. We’ve pulled together some professional and sleek designs that have all of the necessary elements you need to create professional-grade invoices. You can switch up the look, choose new colors, decide which elements you want on them, and save it as a PDF to print out and mail or email electronically.

Why Use Billdu Invoice Templates?

Professional invoice template with stunning design including credit card payments. Client invoice templates taken to the next level.

Invoice Maker Small Business


Enhance the default e-commerce invoice templates with Billdu Business Tools - enable booking, online store and quote requests for your Instant Website or Website Widget

Small business all-in-one app


Add a Pay Now button to the bill template and get paid up to 9 days sooner by accepting payments from online payment services. Nothing cheers up more than a settled bill!

Invoice maker on the go


Billdu mobile apps and online dashboard offer a complete overview of invoices and expenses – have the greatest comfort for operating and monitoring your business.


let people do the talking

Good Record keeping, Great service help and a good connection steadfast and easy to use it is also simpler to use the other invoice apps I have used previously.

Jason Carrier

Quick way for my small business to operate. It’s great to be able to add things on the fly.


Love this app I can send I customer a invoice or estimate before I leave their driveway!


I have needed assistance and chatted with them on the weekends, even after i have gotten the automatic message that someone will get back to me Monday morning. They have helped me in any issue i have had with my cleaning company The Busy Bees. They make any interaction feel like your a part of them. Thank you Billdu team for always helping us through our intricate times. 5 star customer service!! And if you’re in business you know customer service is everything.


Very good app for the price I do all my estimates and invoices on here but they offer way more stuff. Easy to use I’ll recommend it to my buddy’s

A&A landscaping & fencing llc

The app is really easy to use and very convenient. Would recommend it to all small businesses

Dr Roden

Love It. It’s amazing for a business that’s just starting off like mine. I’m glad i found this app. It’s so easy to use!


Awesome awesome awesome. I can’t say enough of how user-friendly this app is in regard to sending estimates and invoices and the ability to pay from the electronic invoice


Best billing app I have ever used. My start with this app was shaky because the way explained on the App Store it would be billed monthly but they removed the entire years worth from my account which was low at the time. I was impressed by their rapid response and willingness to help me and keep me as a customer. I am glad I stuck around because it turned out to be the best app I have used for billing and recommend it to anyone with a business regardless of size or industry.


The app is super nice when you’re on the go and having to send invoices to customers right then. The only thing is confusing is the buying options. I had to start buying it per month because my other subscription stopped working.


Great App. I love billdu it makes my life easier to bill my customers on the go, easy to use smart phone app

REMoN nader

Very easy to use. This app has really helped my business be more mobile and agile. No more paper copies and files to have to keep. All invoices are saved and the total amounts are tight at the top of the app. I like being able to easily track how much my business has made right at my fingertips.

blue water creative solutions

This app is very easy to use, much better than the previous app I was using, great for tradies, can invoice straight off my phone, brilliant !!!!


Super easy and very professional

pattygreydesigns llc

Gives a great presentation. I am not tech savvy the app works great to me I am a one man handyman and I love being able to send out estimates that look good and it goes fast I also use it for billing a and keep all my stuff in one spot


Amazing app for business owners. This app is simple and easy to use. I love that I can send estimates and invoices from my phone.

PNW roofing

Incredible, clean, easy. No drama and a staff always in touch. App of the PANDEMIC!


Absolutely Crucial App for my Business! Easily the best quoting/invoice/CRM App out there! I tried them all and Billdu takes the cake! Really love the logo customization option and how you can get notifications when a customer opens and views an invoice/estimate etc.

The Monday American

This app is very easy to use, much better than the previous app I was using, great for tradies, can invoice straight off my phone, brilliant !!!!


The best application that I never forget it. Good app for own business. I used it almost two years, it work well and best support from their work team. If you wish to operate your own business, please do not miss this app! It was helpful for your business.

Lay Chamnan

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