professional consulting invoice templates

Professional Consulting Invoice Templates

Looking for consulting invoice template examples? Check our designs, choose the one that fits you the best, and create your consulting invoice.

The best consulting invoice templates for your business

You do not need to spend time going through all the invoice templates available on the internet. We have created a free invoice forms that you can easily edit or download to your computer. Select your preferred format and start using the template now.

free consulting invoice template example

Stripe template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

classic consulting invoice sample

Classic template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

modern consulting invoice template layout

Modern template

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donwload simple consulting invoice layout

Simple template

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specifics for consulting invoice template

These are typical items that can be displayed on consulting invoice:

  • Worksheet or timesheet - if you charge your work with an hourly fee or your client require to provide information about your performed work, you should add this documentation.

  • Travel expenses - your invoice can contain travel costs if you need to travel for work in any kind of transport.

  • Professional fees - if you provide additional consulting services that will require your expertise beyond your scope of work, such as advisory or legal services, you can charge for them and include them in your invoice.

  • Project management fees - additional agreed-upon fees for overseeing the project and its development, managing and coordinating a team, resources, etc.

More free invoice templates

Have you not found your desired template? We have more free templates in our Free Generator

quick & easy tips for improving your consulting invoice

Do you want create professional consulting invoices? Be sure to implement some of these tips so you can impress your clients.

  • Enable variety of payments for your clients - make your invoices easy to pay for, include option for electronic payment.

  • Make your invoices personalized - create a personal touch with your client by personalizing each invoice as much as possible for particular project.

  • Add all important dates - make sure you always state issue date and delivery date, most importantly include date when an invoice should be paid for.

  • Highlight important information - if there is something important that your client should be aware of, make sure to add it to the "Note" section.

  • Add timesheet and expense report - make it easy for your clients to understand what they are paying for by adding additional documents attached.

  • Include your company logo and signature - try to make your invoices easily recognizable by your clients, add your logo and signature that will guarantee originality of your invoice.

free consulting invoice templates

Frequently asked questions

What is a consulting invoice?

A consulting invoice is a document that provides information about services delivered by a consulting company or an independent consultant to a client. It is a formal document and typically includes information such as the name of a provider and client's name, necessary dates, a description of the services provided, the total cost, and payment terms.

How do I write a consulting invoice?

You can create a consulting invoice easily with our consulting invoice templates. Just make sure to include all the necessary information, like your business' and the client's name and contact information, the services provided, and their respective prices. 

Don't forget to include all the important dates, the invoice number, tax, and discount if applicable. 

You can try the process for yourself in our Free Online Invoice Generator, where you can create invoices easily in just a few steps.

What should be on a consulting invoice?

If you're issuing a consulting invoice, include your business and the client's name and contact information, the services provided, and their respective price. Don't forget to include all the important dates, the invoice number, tax, and discount if applicable. 

You can try the process for yourself in our Free Online Invoice Generator, where you can create invoices easily in just a few steps.

When should I send a consulting invoice?

You should invoice your client once you deliver services that were agreed upon prior to start of the consulting project. Invoice must contain all the services and their price, your and client's name, and necessary dates, especially due date of the invoice. Invoices serve as a record of the services provided and they should be represent you company's professionalism.

How can I invoice as an independent consultant?

As an independent consultant, you will need to create and issue invoices to your clients to get paid for provided services. There are some steps you should follow to create your professional consulting invoice.

Choose the template from our selection and download it in your preferred format, or use Free online invoice generator. Start by adding your and client's details, add all necessary dates and invoice number, continue by adding your services and their price. Finish your invoice by specifying the payment terms.

If you want to get paid faster and get notified when you invoice was paid, you should consider downloading Billdu app that offers these any many more features so you can invoice like a pro.

How do consultants charge for their services?

There are several ways how consultants usually charge for their provided services. The most common method is working with hourly rate. The hourly rate may vary and it all depends on consultant's level of experience and the type of consulting services. 

Another method for charging provided services can be based on a project fee. This fee is calculated based on the scope of the project,  the amount of time and resources invested in the project.

Some consultant work with retainer fee. This is an upfront fee that is paid by client to secure consultant's services for specific period of time.

What is a retainer fee?

A retainer fee is an upfront fee that is paid to a consultant by client in order to secure their services for a specific period of time. This fee is typically paid on a regular basis, for example monthly or quarterly, and is calcucaled based on an estimate of the amount of work that the consultant is expected to perform during that time period.

Retainer fees are commonly used in the consulting industry and they are negotiated in advance. They help clients to make an agreement with consultants so they can provide promised services when they are needed. 

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