How to Create a Successful Startup – Part 4

Three parts down, a lot more to cover. Last time, we discussed social presence and how to direct your marketing properly and leverage all the tools that can be found online. In part 4 of our Startup series, we will look at launching demos and production versions, analyzing user data and customer support.

Product demo

It’s all about presentation. Using today’s various methods to bring your audience a sneak-peak of your product can be rewarding. Take a look at some of the tools that we picked out for you:


VideoScribe is pure magic. Whiteboard-style animations, without the need of technical know-how. As a part of your marketing plan, create videos, tutorials, add illustrations and bring them to life if you want to. You can use it on your PC and Mac and as a mobile version with a limited set of features for your iDevices and as Android and Kindle Fire apps.


With Explainify, you get short, to-the-point animated stories that can help you express your brand’s story. If you’re looking for something between 45-90 seconds, explainify is the right tool for you.


Ready to launch? Ok then, but where to get that crucial traffic you need to drive to your site? Various registries and directories can be of service for that. Go out there, look around and submit your website/app/service/brand/name/whatever to as many possible places as you can within the scope of your industry:


This one will get you listed on 40+ sites which can be very helpful for an early stage startup. Each of the 40+ sites has been selected for specific metrics, mainly dofollow backlinks, large traffic and engagement, SEO quality and more. This one’s unfortunately not for free, but you get a 100% refund if you don’t see the result.


There seems to be a lot of positive feedback for Pr.co. It is an online platform with over 10000 clients worldwide and releases news optimized for social media and search engines. It can contain all of your press releases, coverage, contacts, media and company info for the whole world to see and share. Your


After launching your product or service, you need to carefully study how users react and then adjust accordingly. Google Analytics is a good start, bud many users need tools aimed at more specific niches. Take a look at our pick:

Crazy Egg

Thanks to heat maps and scroll map reports you gain from using Crazy Egg, you’ll be able to read your websites visitors like a book. See where people are clicking, on which sections of your site they stay for the longest and much more. The behavior your users show can have crucial information for you.


stomers’ website or web/mobile mobile apps, translates it as needed, and then passes that on to the customer’s other analytics services. Segment has libraries for browser javascript, server-side languages, iOS and Android. They process billions of datapoints a month for thousands of companies, ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.

App Annie

We love App Annie! With its friendly appearance and powerful analytic powers, you’ll fall for her in no time. And now seriously, if you have a mobile App on the market and haven’t tried App Annie, do so now. According to many, the most accurate market intelligence data available for app stores – for free.


Analyzing user behavior on mobile devices is as important as on their home computers and Appsee – a simple yet powerful app analytics platform will give a clear picture of the experience your users are having. provides mobile teams with actionable, qualitative data. This data can help you better understand crashes, user preferences, conversion funnels, and usability issues among many other valuable KPIs. Its SDK is extremely lightweight and integration only takes 5 minutes with one line of code.

Customer support

We can not stress this one enough. Customer support can actually make or break ANY kind of business. Do not under any circumstances underestimate this subject or your users will never let you forget it. Think your customer support strategy through and then, really be there for them using the channels you’ve decided on. The one’s we picked out for our series are among dozens more, so don’t be afraid to try them all out and see what suits you:


If you’re really looking for eye-to-eye personal support, Katana allows instant video chat on your website. Your users don’t have to install, download or set up anything, just click a button. This kind of customer support can be demanding and exhausting but also rewarding in terms of establishing a very close relationship with your customers.


A cloud-based customer service software solution, Zendesk lets you centralize all your customer conversations so as to not lose track of anything. Zendesk is used by organizations in 140 countries to provide support in more than 40 languages.

So, hope you got enough brain food for today, stay tuned for the next installment in our Startup series in which we will be looking at how to work productively as a company and how to set up shop if you desire so. Enjoy the fresh knowledge you’ve just attained and if you have your own tips on the topics we covered this time, please leave us a comment.

For a startup, having invoicing sorted out is a must. Please have a look at our iPad invoice app and/or proceed to our Advice article on essential parts on an invoice.

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