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Using a blank invoice can be the best start to creating your own great-looking invoices.

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Free blank invoice template for download from Billdu

Our Blank Invoice Template

Get your free blank invoice template or use our free Invoice Generator

Easy to Fill Blank Invoice Template

Many businesses use our blank invoice template to generate printable invoices they can send to their clients. Whether it’s repair services that involve visits to the clients’ businesses or homes or any other business where you need to collect payment as soon as you finish working, having a blank invoice template is always handy. Our blank invoice can help you quickly create an invoice you can send to your client. If you need a blank invoice template that’s a little more personal than what you’d typically get, try our free invoice template. If you have a few minutes, you can use our invoice generator to create tailored invoices to match your situation.

All you have to do is download the template and fill in the required fields. You’re now ready to print and mail out the invoice. Our invoice template will print to a standard piece of 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper.

Why Our Blank Invoice Template

  • Free of charge blank invoice template

  • Easily customisable

  • All the required invoice elements

  • Editable and printable

Download Blank Invoice Template
Printable blank invoice template

Benefits of Using Billdu’s Blank Invoice Template

Billdu offers several different invoice templates that you can customize to your business. The different styles can help you match your invoice to your business aesthetic. We offer a totally free, blank template that is ready to customize and send out the door in any way you like. It’s printable, and you’ll get a professional format with all of the essential elements listed that makes it easy to give your business a cohesive look.

Another benefit is that this template can streamline your payment processes and avoid problems. Since you can print it out, it’s easy to take directly to your jobsite and give to the customer. They can pay you on the spot, and you can leave them a copy of the invoice as proof of payment.

If you want something a little more personal and user-friendly, the invoice generator we offer is a great solution. Instead of using Word or Excel, you can use Billdu to create and track all of your invoices. It keeps a digital record of everything you create, and this keeps your bookkeeping simple come tax season.

You’ll never worry about sending double invoices, losing an invoice, or forgetting that someone hasn’t paid you for your products or services. Instead, all you’ll have to do is glance at the dashboard and see the status of every tailored invoice you send out.

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Elements of the Free Blank Invoice Template

To create your invoice using the provided blank invoice template, simply fill out the information below & print the invoice:

Invoice template components
  • Invoice number – the first item in our free blank invoice template – just enter a number, e.g. 2021001 if it’s your first invoice generated in 2021
  • Your details – insert your business name, your address, city, zip/postcode, country, email and phone. If you do not want to state any of this information contained in the invoice template, simply delete it
  • Customer details – similarly, fill out the customer details so that the template contains real customer data
  • Issue date and due date – simply when the invoice is created and when would you like to be paid (e.g. 7 or 14 days from the issue date)
  • Reference/order number – is you are using orders and the customer accepted one, the blank invoice template enables you to insert the number here
  • List of items – list of products or services you provided to your customer, along with their name, quantity, unit price, unit (e.g. piece, hour etc.) and the final amount for the number of items provided
  • There is some space for notes in the blank invoice template
  • Finally, fill out your bank details and you are ready to go!

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