Choosing the best invoicng software for contractors

Best Invoicing Software for Contractors

Are you wondering which is the best invoicing software for contractors? Why choose software to perform this basic accounting task when you’ve been doing manual invoices since day one of your business? What exactly can invoice software do for your business as a contractor? Figuring out if moving your invoices online is a smart move…

Business Tax Deductions

Small Business Tax Deductions in 2020

Governments can offer a cornucopia of various small business boosts through taxes and credits. Some of these help small businesses across the board while others target certain sectors determined to be in need of more help. With the wide range of potential benefits, naturally many get confused about which may apply to their specific circumstances.

Choosing the right mobile invoicing app

4 Best Invoicing Apps

Times change. What once worked perfectly no longer suffices in today’s rapidly evolving digital age. Even if time and technological advances have not yet convinced a company to upgrade its processes, in many cases, the unwillingness to modernize can erode competitive advantage. Invoicing apps represent one such digital age development that helps business administrators streamline…

Running a Successful Business of One

18 Awesome Ideas for a One Person Business

Many people considering starting a one person business know the daunting task that is ahead of them, but they believe the risk is worth the reward. How do you get your business off the ground, and how do you attract the big clients you need to grow? Showing your prospective customers that you can deliver…

Billdu Prepare winning work estimates

How to Write a Winning Job Estimate

Contractors and many self-employed people give job estimates to potential clients to detail their prices. This helps the client decide whether or not they can afford the workers’ rate for the project they have in mind. But what is an estimate, and how do you write one? We’ll outline all of this information for you and more …