Card Payments by Stripe

General information

Billdu enables your customers to pay your invoices with a debit or credit card. Please note that Billdu does not handle card payments on its own and in order to make it possible a “middle man” must be used. Stripe is such a third-party service that allows entrepreneurs and businesses to accept payments over the Internet.

If your client pays an invoice using the “Pay now” button you will be notified by Billdu. You will receive a push-message in the mobile app and the information will appear in the Notification center on the website as well.

Please note:
The very first payout will take ca 7-10 business days to transfer, which is a necessary holding period for compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. Next payouts take 2 days for US and 7 days for European countries.
A flat fee (e.g. US 2.9%+30¢, UK 1.4%+20p, EU 1.4%+20c) for each successful payment per transaction applies, you may want to check current fees on Stripe’s website.

By enabling card payments (either on a specific invoice or at Settings – My companies – Payment option – Card payments) a Pay now button appears on all online invoices and PDF files instantly. By clicking on the Pay now button your client can already make a payment.

An account at Stripe with the same e-mail address as your Billdu account will be created and you will be prompted to add your company and bank details in order to settle the payments to your bank account.

If your Stripe account is not yet linked, you will see a line ‘Link my bank account’ when editing an invoice and in your company settings. You should finish your Stripe setup as soon as possible by entering all necessary company and bank details – the app will help you by pre-filling some details from your Billdu settings. It is necessary to enter the information order to transfer the payment from Stripe to your bank account. You can also use and existing Stripe account if you already have one.

Now when your Stripe account is linked to Billdu, all payments from your invoices are directed through Stripe to your bank account.

Important note: All payments are handled, managed, approved or declined by Stripe. The first payout is made ca 7 days after the first invoice payment and when your account is linked. Take a look to Stripe’s user guide for more details. There is a flat fee for each card payment – visit Stripe’s website for more information. In case you need help with setting up your Stripe account or more information about a specific payment please contact Stripe support https://support.stripe.com/

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