Subscription and pricing

Buying, renewal, cancellation

Our pricing and free trial

When signing up to Billdu there’s a free trial period with all features enabled – a free Premium plan is active for you for 2 weeks. You can test all features extensively and see for yourself if our invoice tool fits your requirements and fulfills the needs of your business.


You can find our current price list

  • on the Billdu web page in the section Pricing or by clicking here
  • in your Billdu account (either in the web app or in mobile apps) in the section Settings – Subscription
  • the price list appears every time you buy a subscription
  • in the app description of our mobile app on App Store or Play Store

All your data stays in your account even if you have no subscription and you can still see and export all your documents. A subscriptions is needed to edit or create new documents or to perform some actions.

How does a subscription work

In order to create and edit documents like invoices, orders or receipts you have to have an active subscription. You can purchase a subscription for a month or for a whole year. During that time – and depending on the chosen subscription plan – you can create a certain number of documents, add companies, team members (users) or connect with more mobile devices.

With a monthly subscription the max. number of documents you can create each month is 1/12 of an annual subscription.

Currently there are three kinds of subscription plans – STARTER, STANDARD and PREMIUM. Check out our price list to get an overview about features and documents offered by each subscription plan.

You can buy a subscription:

    • on our website using a bank card or PayPal. A bank transfer is possible only for EUR and GBP payments
    • via Apple iTunes – more information here
    • via Google Play Store – more information here

Please note:

– A subscription is activated from the very moment it’s purchased regardless of whether you had any previous subscription running. All features of such subscription and amount of documents is activated for you immediately.

– Buying or cancelling a subscription on the website won’t cancel your recurring iTunes subscription and vice versa. It means that if you already have an active subscription at iTunes, make sure to cancel it after buying/upgrading a subscription with another platform.

– Payments at Billdu are processed by a payment gateway called Braintree which is a third-party service that has an authority to perform card and Pay Pal payments. It stores your card and PayPal details in order to perform recurring payments.



How to subscribe

To use Billdu to its full extent you need a subscription. You can obtain a monthly or a yearly subscription and also choose between several subscription types.

  • Click on Settings and go to Subscription
  • Click on the Buy subscription button
  • Choose a subscription type and click Order
  • Choose a period: 1 month (if available) or 12 month
  • Select a payment method
  • After a successful payment your subscription is activated and you’ll receive an invoice


  • In the Menu tap on Settings and select Subscription
  • Look up all available subscription types by sliding horizontally (iOS) or vertically (Android)
  • In the upper row choose Annually or Monthly depending on whether you wish to buy a monthly or an annual subscription. Changing the switcher changes the number of available documents and the subscription price. The amount of shown documents is available for the given time frame
  • Tap on the green button with a price to buy a subscription
  • Confirm the charge for your subscription. You have to be signed into your iTunes or Google Play account in order to buy the subscription
  • You’ll receive an invoice from Apple/Google

note: Most Billdu and Apple subscriptions (not Android) are auto-renewable. You will be notified by an e-mail message if this is the case.

When does a subscription expire


  • Go to SettingsSubscription
  • Your active subscription has either the status active or finished
  • You can see the details of the current subscription and your previous subscriptions here as well


  • Go to Settings
  • You can see the subscription details beneath the Subscription section
    e.g. Premium 1.1.2019-1.1.2020

Upgrade or change of a subscription

When buying a subscription a full price is charged regardless of any previous subscriptions as a general rule. However, we understand that sometimes you may discover that you should have bought another subscription type. In this case you may consider an upgrade

iOS (Apple iTunes)

  • Beginning 1st Feb 2019 with Billdu version 4.1.28: If you’ve bought a subscription and decided to buy a higher subscription, you’ll pay a full price but Apple will send you a refund or a partial depending on how long you’ve used the previous subscription. This does not apply for subscriptions and recurring subscriptions bought before this date.

Please note: If you’ve bought a subscription in the iOS app (Apple iTunes) before February 2019 and bought another subscription later, take a look to your iTunes subscriptions and make sure you have only one subscription active. Otherwise you may be charged next billing period for both subscription

Android and website

There’s no automatic upgrade for Android (Google Play Store) and Billdu subscriptions. Contact us at and apply for an upgrade. Our team will take a look at your current subscription and reply to you with an upgrade offer if possible. A tax may be charged in this case  – take a look to the section Price variations and taxes in this section.

Please note: If you’ve bought an initial subscription in the iOS app (Apple iTunes) and either switched to a subscription from Billdu make sure to cancel the iTunes subscription. Otherwise, it may automatically renew at the next billing period. Billdu can’t stop or change your iTunes subscriptions.



Automatically renewable subscriptions

Most subscriptions renew automatically after a month or a year depending on your subscription choice.

Google Play Store (Android)
Subscriptions bought at Google Play are not recurring and have to be bought each time after they expire.

Apple iTunes (iOS)
You should be notified on a recurring subscription – either by a message or an e-mail – from iTunes. Check for your subscriptions here or contact Apple Support as those subscriptions are handled by Apple iTunes.

You will be notified on a recurring subscription by an e-mail message after a purchase. The e-mail message is sent to the account owner’s e-mail address and contains information how to cancel the recurring subscription in the Billdu account.

You can check the status of your subscription directly in your account in SettingsSubscription or by clicking here. If you see a red STOP button next to your current subscription it means it is renewable. By clicking on the STOP button the next automatic subscription renewal is cancelled and you won’t be billed again.

Note: Payments at Billdu are processed by Braintree – a payment gateway, which stores your card/paypal details and performs recurring payments. It may happen that your bank or your card-issuer decline a payment – this is something we have no control about. In case of recurring payments Braintree retries several times to perform a transaction for all unsuccessful payments unless your subscription is cancelled.

Cancel a recurring subscription


  • Navigate to SettingsSubscription
  • In the Subscriptions section, find the row which says running
  • On the right side there is a red STOP button
  • Click on it
  • Your subscription renewal is cancelled and won’t renew itself from this point forward

Recurring in-app payments are managed in your iTunes account. More information on how to cancel the iTunes subscription can be found here


The Android app currently doesn’t support recurring subscriptions

Invoice for your subscription

If you’ve bought a subscription directly from Billdu (on our website, with an email or online link), an invoice will be sent to your e-mail automatically after the payment is received.
You can also download the invoice in your account on the website, navigate to SettingsSubscriptionOrders or click here

In case you’ve bought a subscription in a mobile app you’ll receive an invoice either from Apple iTunes or from Google Play. Take a look to your Apple iTunes / Google Play account or contact the respective support.

Price variations and taxes

Price variations
The prices on our website may vary from those in the mobile app because Apple and Google keep changing their price ranges regularly.
Subscription prices are equal for $ and € and you will get an invoice in one of those currencies.
The actual currency will be based on your country of residence.
Billdu Ltd. is a company based in the United Kingdom and we have to comply with local tax laws. Because of this we have to charge a 20% tax to all UK-based clients.
If your company is based outside Europe (United States, Australia, South Africa, etc.) you won’t be charged any tax.
A European company won’t be charged any tax if it’s a VAT payer and has a valid VAT ID. You can check your VAT ID here here.

Special promotion

Get credit for a subscription discount you send to your friends.

Send a special invite code to your friends and they’ll get a 20% discount on a subscription of their choice.

You’ll be rewarded with a credit for your subscription with up to $30.

Click here for more information.

Money Back Guarantee

Signed up to Billdu and not happy with it? You can apply for our Money Back Guarantee within 30 days after a your first subscription purchase. We would also appreciate the reason for your decision as we’d like to improve Billdu every day.

Subscription directly from Billdu
Send us a message to and state your e-mail address you use as your Billdu login email. We’ll review your request and reply to you. Depending on the payment type (card, bank transfer or PayPal) it can last 24-36 hours for your money to arrive back to your account. Please be aware that the final decision about accepting/declining such a request is solely on our side however we try to accommodate to your inquiry and find the best solution in every situation.

Google Play Store (Android)
Send us a message to with your order/invoice from Google Play (it contains an order number starting with G- ) and state your e-mail address you use as your Billdu login.

Apple iTunes (iOS)
If you’ve bought a subscription in the mobile app you have to claim the payment directly at Apple. All subscriptions bought with Apple iTunes are handled by Apple.

  • Go to or look for the link “Report a problem” on your iTunes bill
  • Enter the Apple ID and password that you used to buy the item, then choose Sign In
  • Choose Report a Problem next to the item that you need help with
  • Select a reason from the menu
  • Follow the onscreen steps
  • You might need to send more information to Apple but usually not

More information at

Please note that in case of iTunes in-app payments the rules, terms and conditions of Apple apply. We have no influence on Apple’s decisions to decline a refund whatsoever.