Account Management

Learn more about your Billdu Account and how to administer it

Main Billdu user

A main user or an account owner is the user who created the Billdu account. The role is similar to an admin role, this means some features are available only for a person who created a Billdu account.

An account owner:

  • is able to buy a subscription
    The section Subscription is visible only for an account owner, other roles can’t buy, cancel or stop a subscription
  • can create other users such as Owners and Employees, however an account owner can’t be deleted
  • is responsible for the Billdu account according to our TOU
  • can claim an account deletion or request other changes to the account, such as e-mail address etc.

User details

To see your user details

  • Click on Settings and go to the My Team
  • Click on your user name/e-mail
    (or on the Billdu website in the upper right corner click on your user name/e-mail)
  • A new screen appears
  • Your role is set as an Owner or Employee
  • Now you can alter your user name or e-mail address


  • Your password can be changed on the website as well
  • You can add a signature that will appear on your invoices

Add/Invite a new user

A user may have an Owner or an Employee role. An Owner is similar to an Account owner but can’t buy a subscription or create new companies. An Owner can see all documents, add users and edit company details. “Employee“ sees only documents created by him/herself. The access is restricted to a simple document creation. You can also restrict users to see specific companies. If you have e.g. 3 companies and select only two of them, the user won’t be able see any data from the third company.
In the invoice list and Timeline you can see which user created which invoice. Every user will have its own signature which appears on invoices – it can be added to Settings – My businesses – Signature or by adding it to Settings – My team  on the website.

  • Go to Settings – My Team
  • Click on New user account or Add a new user
  • Enter Name and E-mail of the user and other information if necessary
  • Choose a User role – Employee or Owner
    – Both roles can be assigned from an Owner. An Owner can be created just by the Account owner
  • Select which Businesses can the user access under Access to businesses
  • Click on Invite or Send invitation
  • An email message “Please join my company at Billdu” will be delivered to given e-mail address with a link where the user enters a password and joins your team.

Add a new business

  • Go to SettingsMy businesses
  • Click on Add a new business button
  • Fill in all necessary company details
  • Click on Save

note: This feature is available with a proper subscription. Please check out our price list for more information about the number of businesses

Invite an accountant


  • Click on Settings and go to the Accountant section
  • Click on Add accountant button
  • Enter accountant’s E-mail address
  • Click on Send invitation button. An e-mail will be sent to your accountant.
  • By clicking on “Accept connection” in the body of the e-mail your company and the accountant’s account will be linked.
  • If an accountant’s account is already present at Billdu no other action is necessary. If there was no accountant’s account before the accountant has to enter a new password the first time.

An accountant has access only to a company from which an invitation has been sent. You can enable access to multiple accountants or for different accountants to each of your businesses.

You can also disconnect the accountant’s access to your company.

note: Your accountant can see your documents and edit them, also export your documents as XLS or CSV file or export attachments of your expenses.

Change language

Click on in the upper right corner on the webpage and look for ⇩ EN. Click on the arrow to select English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovak and Czech
Select Settings and choose Language. You can choose from English, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Slovak, Czech and Polish
Some texts (such as invoice e-mails, expense categories, reminder texts, etc.) are uploaded to your app at the time of your registration based on your location, browser settings or mobile device local settings. There pre-defined texts can be changed later and are not affected by the change the overall language settings.


Your documents get a default numbering when you create a business. Invoices, estimates, orders and delivery notes begin with the number 001.

You can change the numbering to match your needs. Go to Settings – Document settings – Numbering and there you’ll find sections for all kind of document types.

You can either select a predefined numbering format or change it to your own. Use the characters YY for year and NN for document number.

You can change the number your documents begin with. Change the Next document number to a number you need and the next document you create will get that number automatically.

How it works:

    • The numbering format NNN creates invoices 001, 002, 003
    • The numbering format YYYYNNN creates invoices 2019001, 2019002, 2019003…
    • The numbering format INVNNNN and next number 2300 create invoices INV2300, INV2301, INV2302…

note: Each of your companies has its own numbering
If you edit, change or click the number that Billdu has assigned to a document while creating it, then the automatic numbering will be disrupted and saves the number for the next document. This is useful if you want to create documents with other numbers so you don’t have to set back the numbering.

A change of an invoice number directly on an invoice has no effect on your overall numbering – this is done only in the Settings.

Add a new mobile device

For every subscription there is a specific number of mobile devices you can use with your account. Check your current subscription plan to see the actual number of mobile devices available for your account.

To use a mobile device, download the app from App Store or Play Store and log in with your e-mail and password you use on the Billdu website.

The mobile device will appear in the mobile device list on the website under Settings – Mobile devices.

Install a mobile app

  • Download the Billdu app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • If you already have a Billdu account, click on Log in in the upper right corner and enter your e-mail address and password
  • If you don’t have an account yet, click on Getting sterted, enter your business e-mail and password. A new account will be created for you in which you can always log in with given e-mail
  • Now enter your business name. It can be changed later with your business details at Settings – My businesses
  • In case of a new account you will be prompted to enter your business details later