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Billdu barcode scanner

Lately, our developers have been working their fingers off to bring you new features every month and they haven’t strayed from that path. This time, it’s a clever little gem for the mobile versions of Billdu – a barcode scanner. Users with a large inventory are struggling when trying to add the correct items to their invoices. Well, our developers have made it a whole lot easier for everyone. Read on, for insights regarding Billdu’s new barcode scanner function.

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from zero to hero

How to create a successfull startup – part 3.

Design, development and deployment. These are topics that we discussed in the last part of our Startup series. We have also shed some light on how to easily and effectively create and use forms and surveys, mockups and wireframes. In this week’s Startup series, we are going to be going into detail about social tools, marketing, and minimum viable product, as well as presentation and beta-testing. Read on, for the next 5 steps in your startup path.


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10 Most Profitable Small Businesses

Planning to start a business? If you’ve read the first part of our startup life series and are stuck on the first step to a successful startup – the idea generation, let us inspire you with the following compilation of the 11 most lucrative, trending and profitable small business ventures, that are currently on the rise. These ideas for small business are not just money-making but also captivating at the same time. Some of these ideas may be more profitable while others may give you a stable earning. There are business ideas that are potentially much more profitable than they seem to be. Continue reading