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Billdu Inventory – Track inventory in your smart device

Ready for some tasty new updates from our Billdu developers? For a long time, our users have asked for a new module and finally, they’ve got their wish granted: Inventory tracking. All your items can now be tracked in regards to their respective remaining amounts. Read on, for a closer look at the new inventory functions included in both the web version as well as Billdu mobile. Continue reading

from zero to hero

How to Create a Successful Startup – Part 4.

Three parts down, a lot more to cover. Last time, we discussed social presence and how to direct your marketing properly and leverage all the tools that can be found online. In part 4 of our Startup series, we will look at launching demos and production versions, analyzing user data and customer support.


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Powerful expense tracking

Expenses – in the wrong hands, a certain way to failure, in the right ones, however, a clever tool to balance your income. We know how tedious expense management might be, with all the receipts, invoices – paper or otherwise – that’s why our developers designed Billdu to keep this area of finances in order and at your immediate disposal. Read on, for a closer look at how simple it is to manage your expenses, both at home and also on-the-go.

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