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10 Most Profitable Small Businesses

Planning to start a business? If you’ve read the first part of our startup life series and are stuck on the first step to a successful startup – the idea generation, let us inspire you with the following compilation of the 11 most lucrative, trending and profitable small business ventures, that are currently on the rise. These ideas for small business are not just money-making but also captivating at the same time. Some of these ideas may be more profitable while others may give you a stable earning. There are business ideas that are potentially much more profitable than they seem to be. Continue reading

from zero to hero


In the last issue of our Startup series, we discussed the issue of idea generation, naming, domain names, hosting and the ever-important market research. In our second part, we will focus on less “preparatory” steps and more on actual doing of stuff. Intrigued? Read on for the next 5 steps on your personal startup path and some tools that can help you along the way.

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Billdu News and Updates March 2016

Spring is slowly here and our developers have spent all the cold days dutifully developing, improving and debugging your favorite invoicing app! We have a lot to show you in this month’s news and updates – both the web version as well as the mobile versions of Billdu have been pimped out with several new features big and small. Read on, for a breakdown of all that is new and what lies in wake for Billdu this year.

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