Attention – Billdu’s New CEO Is in the House

After launching in 11 countries, and planning to “invade” another 14 this year, Billdu has been on a search for someone still missing from the team. This person had to cover a critical role – making sure that the product is promoted and sold on the international market, choose the right communication channels and segmentation, as well as have the heart of an entrepreneur, vision, drive and a focus on results. Someone who loves challenges and knows how to infect everyone around him with his energy. And after many a sleepless night – the day has come.

Billdu’s finally got its new CEO. He had to go through many demanding screenings, and naturally, he couldn’t escape a couple of questions from our own writing and publishing staff. Read on for a closer look at Billdu’s CEO – Viktor Kosticky and how he sees his role in the upcoming months and eventually, the future years of Billdu.

So tell us Viktor, what experience and knowledge are you bringing to the table, so to speak?

“Until recently, I’ve been gaining work experience mainly in the corporate area of the IT segment in major global companies. While working for Dell, I’ve led the team that sold products to companies and customers on the german market. In IBM, I was responsible for the business development division, which focused on digital sales in Central and Eastern Europe regions, strongly cooperating with local marketing departments. I believe, that my greatest asset for Billdu will be my hands-on experience in business development – the leading and building of teams, setting up the corporate strategy, as well as creating new processes, while optimizing the one’s that are currently in place.

Billdu Viktor Kosicky new Billdu CEO

Viktor Kosticky, new Billdu CEO

What role at Billdu will you fill exactly? Tell us a bit more about it.

My role as CEO of Billdu will consist mainly of the further heading of the company – developing a new and complex business strategy. I would like for Billdu to disconnect from its start-up past to make place for a more stable and professionalized company. All that will be done with maximum effort put towards the fulfillment of business goals, that will eventually bring the awaited results.

Why have you decided to get on board of Billdu? What caught your eye?

My joining Billdu’s Team is the result of a combination of several factors. I have, for a longer time now, felt that the corporate sector isn’t giving me the sense of achievement I’ve wanted. I wanted to build something “connected to reality” a to see practical evidence and consequence of my work. I’ve also found Billdu to be a very powerful and high-quality product, in which I personally see big potential. And last but not least, a big contributing factor was the simple fact, that I’ve felt a common spark of thoughts and patterns with Billdu’s founder and CTO, Erik Hudak. He has achieved an admirable piece of work and it’s very inspiring to work with someone like that, so I’m really looking forward to our future teamwork.

What do you see in the coming years for Billdu?

“Billdu is currently available in 14 languages in 25 countries and the sheer potential market size is astonishing. In light of the fact, that more and more users are letting go of the more conservative methods of invoicing to modern, digital and attractive ways, there’s a huge space for growth and expansion. I foresee a rocket launch in the coming years for Billdu and my ambition is to see to it, that in 5 years time, Billdu will be among the top 10 most business tools used worldwide.”

Thank you for your time.

“Thank you.”