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Billdu News and Updates March 2016

Spring is slowly here and our developers have spent all the cold days dutifully developing, improving and debugging your favorite invoicing app! We have a lot to show you in this month’s news and updates – both the web version as well as the mobile versions of Billdu have been pimped out with several new features big and small. Read on, for a breakdown of all that is new and what lies in wake for Billdu this year.

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from zero to hero

How to Create a Successful Startup – Part 1.

Do you belong among those, who want to try something different, try something of their own? A successful business is no easy task and to kick off your own startup as a first step can be daunting indeed. We have prepared a six-part series, in which we will guide you through the many aspects of getting a startup of the ground and the various tools and resources which may help you on this path.


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5 Must-Have Apps for a Modern Entrepreneur

Today, we want to present you a couple of apps that – according to our humble opinion – should be in every small business owner’s smartphone. Or at least in the smartphones of those, who do business in the digital world or have an own website/e-shop. There are hundreds of apps and solutions for everyday problems. That’s how the App Store and Play Store look like nowadays. Yet the trend to have 100+ different apps installed for every use-case is slowly fading away. Developers are concentrating their efforts on complete sets of features and on packaging them in simple and easy to use interfaces. Here are our favorites:

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