Business Tax Deductions

Small Business Tax Deductions in 2020

Governments can offer a cornucopia of various small business boosts through taxes and credits. Some of these help small businesses across the board while others target certain sectors determined to be in need of more help. With the wide range of potential benefits, naturally many get confused about which may apply to their specific circumstances.

Choosing the right mobile invoicing app

4 Best Invoicing Apps

Times change. What once worked perfectly no longer suffices in today’s rapidly evolving digital age. Even if time and technological advances have not yet convinced a company to upgrade its processes, in many cases, the unwillingness to modernize can erode competitive advantage. Invoicing apps represent one such digital age development that helps business administrators streamline…

Billdu Prepare winning work estimates

How to Write a Winning Job Estimate

Contractors and many self-employed people give job estimates to potential clients to detail their prices. This helps the client decide whether or not they can afford the workers’ rate for the project they have in mind. But what is an estimate, and how do you write one? We’ll outline all of this information for you and more …

Invoicing software minimise invoicing errors

Why You Need Reliable Invoice Software

Business in the 21st century increasingly relies on digitalization and automation. Companies in most fields have found that expanding efficiencies through the use of technology has created additional competitive advantages for them. One area where technology has advanced rapidly in the past generation is invoice software – or software apps using for invoicing. Why Do…

How to avoid common invoicing mistakes

Common Invoicing Mistakes and How to Remedy Them

Invoicing represents the most important task that a business performs. Even above that of providing quality goods and services, a business must efficiently and effectively collect and keep track of payments. That’s why it’s important to issue professional invoices and avoid invoicing mistakes. A business that does not collect payment eventually disappears. The most important…

Billdu A guide to recurring invoicing

Recurring Invoices with Billdu

If you routinely charge your customers on a set basis for ongoing goods and services, you’ve most likely heard of or set up a recurring invoice. If you haven’t and you’re wondering, “What is recurring invoice?” this post is here to help. We’re going to go over all these points: Defining automated billing Why automated…

Create your Purchase Order with Billdu

Purchase Orders with Billdu

What is a purchase order, and how do purchase orders work? If you have a business, you’ve most likely created a purchase order at some point. Purchase orders are an essential part of any transaction, both large and small. If you’re not sure what they are, this post is for you. We’re going to go…

Create pro forma invoices

Billdu Offers Proforma Invoice Templates

If you have a business, you know what an invoice is. But, have you heard of a Proforma invoice? If not, you could be wondering what is a Proforma invoice? We want you to understand exactly what this vital piece of your business is, we’re going to outline it for you. We’ll also walk you through a step by step tutorial on how to create a pro forma document using Billdu’s printable invoice templates.

Billdu Free invoice creation with invoicing software

Create Invoices for Free with Billdu

There are several ways you can create an invoice for your customers. You have the more traditional way of writing them out by hand, or you can utilize software and free templates to generate them and get them sent out. If you’re curious about the different invoice methods, we’re going to outline several different types below. This way, you’ll be able to decide …

Billdu Best app for fast invoicing on the go

Streamline Your Business with Invoices to Go

Anyone who has a service-based business knows how tedious it can be to send paper invoices. First, you do all of the work before going back to your office and writing up the invoice. Then, you have to make sure you get it into the mail, wait for the client to get it, and hope that your client pays the invoice in a timely manner. This is why simple invoicing is undergoing a change. Invoicing apps …

Billdu Inbuilt item scanner in Android and iPhone apps

Get an Item Scanner App from Billdu

Barcode scanners — they’re such a simple device. Yet, they can be invaluable for business owners. They provide invaluable information about a business’s assets, inventory and other investments at the different stages in the supply chain. When you combine this with the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone, it’s easier than it ever was…

Billdu Features of best receipt scanner app

The Importance of a Receipt Scanner for Your Business

Many individuals and businesses use a receipt scanner app to keep track of all of their documents to keep their finances in order. Storing paper receipts can quickly get disorganized and overwhelming. Even worse, trying to find one specific receipt can be an extremely time-consuming and frustrating process. This is why many businesses are turning…