Plans made, things packed and waiting for that last tick on the clock, before you leave for your long awaited vacation? Or maybe you’re already on vacation and enjoying the sun? As all modern entrepreneurs know all too well – vacation is an illusionary concept in nowadays’ world of smartphones and 24/7 communication means. Your company has to stay active even when you leave, whether you’re running a team or just flying solo. So, how to stay on top of your game even on vacation and still get to enjoy the time away from the office? Billdu’s got some tips for you.

1. Set up realistic expectations

You have to have realistic expectations towards yourself, as others should too. Do not try to be in full working mode while on vacation, rather set some basic rules and guidelines in regards to your workload, active and inactive time and your availability on the phone and per mail. This will help others to know what they can expect from you while you’re away, as well as relieve your overactive mind while sunbathing.

2. Don’t concern yourself with achieving a “zero inbox”

A cluttered inbox can be a nightmare for many entrepreneurs, but you shouldn’t waste time on this any longer than you have to. An email will wait while you’re on your vacation. Your nerves and inner peace won’t.

3. Check your deadlines

If you have a lot of looming deadlines, try checking if they are not false or flexible, maybe you’re just working towards a deadline that you set up for yourself while in reality, the deadline may be much further. If this is not the case and you’re still stressing about them, try rearranging your deadlines and communicate the new date of delivery in a professional manner.

4. Plan your first day back

Many entrepreneurs try to work until the last minute before their vacation, cramming every meeting in for the last day and trying to finish those last few things. This often results in frantic and counterproductive multitasking and actually lowers your productivity in the long run. Instead, plan your first work day back now and clearly state what responsibilities and tasks you’ll have to take on immediately after getting back. Additionally, leave the last day before your vacation meeting-free. That way, you can concentrate on wrapping things up instead of trying to meet the needs of everyone on the last day before you leave.

5. Identify your energy peak

Some of you have maybe already identified your energy peaks – times of the day, in which you’re at your best and tend to achieve the most. These energy peaks will be different in the summer than during your normal day-to-day routine. Try successfully identify them on your first day away in a way, you’ll know when to schedule your working hours and when to enter vacation mode.

6. Use tools for entrepreneurs on-the-go

There are many tools which stand out in the on-the-go market and which let you stay connected and productive. With our own Billdu invoicing app, you can keep a clear overview of your business, issue invoices for your clients and much more – all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Along with other useful apps, you can access your business comfortably from afar and still be productive.

Hopefully, you’ve taken away enough to enjoy your vacation fully, yet still stay productive and not waste time stressing about deadlines, when you could be having cocktails at the beach bar or something similar. If you set your mind right and plan things ahead, we assure you that you’ll accomplish it without difficulties. Share your vacation experience along with your own tips in the comments below and don’t forget to share and subscribe.

If you’re starting a business, you know you’ll need a killer logo with a lot of sex appeal (the level of which depends on your industry, of course). Some of you will choose to hire professionals and some of you are starting carriers as designers and would like to create their own logo, rather than entrusting their vision to others.  In both cases, we have some good tips on how to give your logo that cutting edge. Read on to learn (everything) about sexy logo design.

1. Confidence is sexy

We all know this to be true and surely have experienced it in the more personal areas of life, but the same goes for your company and your logo – clearly communicate your value and goals, stand behind your opinions and try to pour this into the creative process while creating your logo. Be confident in your vision and others will believe in it too.

2. Define keywords that reflect your brand

If the first few words that you think when you’re seeing a logo appeal to you on some kind of level, the designer has achieved his goal. Think about what OTHERS will think about in the first few seconds of seeing your company’s logo. And then define those keywords and maybe even set up a mood board around them before putting pen to paper for the first time.

3. Everything is symbolic

Have your keywords and even your mood board ready? Great! Now focus on these words and images and think about the most simple symbols you could use to represent them in your logo. Symbols have been with us since the beginning of time and most people have an uncountable amount of different symbols and their meanings already imbibed in their subconsciousness and you should leverage this advantage to its fullest.

4. Test thoroughly (how is this sexy?)

Make use of Photoshop or a similar software to test your logo out on all of your branding materials like pamphlets, posters, business cards, website, invoices and other documents and so on. It’s never too late to modify it while it’s only on your screen and much harder once you’ve printed it out on 500 business cards or something similar.

5. Bonus Tip – You are your own worst critic

Creating a sexi logo design is a demanding journey. Be prepared not to be satisfied. Or not fully. Ever. When taking on your own logo, you will never feel that it’s 100% finished and that’s completely natural and ok. You just have to now when to stop. When to stop fiddling with those last pixels and color values, with the endless adjusting of the layout and just finalize it. You can always come back to it in the future and update it.

Ready to create that perfect logo for your business? Give us a shout-out, when it’s done or leave your own tips in the comments below. A lot of Billdu’s users have started their business through Billdu’s Page, where their logo shines front and center of their own business website. With the help of a simple interface, anyone is able to create their own website, and present their services or goods to acquire new customers or clients. Take a look after you’ve finished your logo and we can make it shine for you as well. And do not forget to add the logo to your invoice. You can use Billdu invoice maker to create invoices online.

All the world is becoming automatized – we take everything we can and either program it or digitize it all together to make processes easier. The same goes for the life of entrepreneurs. Many owners of online shops, warehouses, and other information systems already have their work-flow automated to its maximum efficiency, so that they can afford to spend less time doing manual work and to ensure the lowest level of error as well. That’s why Billdu has opened its platform to developers and e-commerce owners alike. Read on, for a closer look on what Billdu’s API can do for your business.

So, Billdu created a modern Rest API to make your life and your business easier, but how exactly? These are the core features of Billdu’s powerful API:

Automatic generation of invoices, proforma invoices, orders and estimates

Generate all of your documents automatically, right after payment – a customer buys an item from our shop and the respective invoice for the purchase is created.

Automatic sending of invoices in PDF or as online invoices

Right after payment, the customers receives an invoice for their purchase – it’s up to you if their invoice arrives as a standard PDF or in the form of Billdu’s custom online invoice. This is an interactive invoice that your customers can open directly in their browsers, review their purchase or your company and even pay for it – all without leaving the browser window.

Automatic entries of new items

Once you’ve setup the connection, every time you receive new stock, your inventory gets updated accordingly.

Automatic creation of new clients

With new clients or customers, you no longer have to go through any trouble, manually adding them to your database. During their first purchase, when a customer signs up, his profile will get added automatically to your client and customer database.

API Modules

To get your online shop connected to Billdu’s API, we created a set of modules, that need only to be installed, to make use of them immediately:

Need Help?

All these e-commerce systems can be connected to Billdu’s API seamlessly and without much effort. You can find the complete API documentation, references and other useful information regarding the API and its use in Billdu’s repository here:

Billdu API documentation

Should you be in need of a skilled programmer to help integrate Billdu into your system, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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